PANEL HIGHBAY is the high performance LED replacement to T5 fluorescent highbay products. This innovative panel bay lighting solution integrates the state-of-the-art LED technology, the tailor-made optics and the most efficient control gear for more saving, efficiency and safety. With the high system efficacy of over 135lm/W and the long luminaire lifetime of over 50,000 hours, it offers most energy-saving and lowest maintenance out of the attractive investment level and the best return-of-investment.

OSRAM’s ROBLITZ Highbay is a high efficient, reliable LED luminaire for high ceiling illumination, which can truly replace traditional 150W / 250W / 400W HID highbays with 50% energy savings. Coming with different optics and installation features, it is an ideal solution for warehouse, workshop and public area which requires high illumination but minimum maintenance.

ROBLITZ® Highbay SE series is highly efficient and reliable LED highbay. With very high system efficacy up to 130 lm/W thanks to the state-of-the-art LED technology. It offers flexible options in optics, powers, control, accessories and mounting methods. ROBLITZ® Highbay SE series provides safe, appropriate and secure lighting experience in any industrial application and it is the first choice for any new or retrofit installations.

SIMPLITZ™ HIGHBAY is the new LED bay light solution to OSRAM industrial lighting. It serves as the most affordable LED replacement to traditional highbay products. With the innovative construction, the energy saving by the latest LED technology and the maintenancefree reliability, it secures a minimized investment and running cost. SIMPLITZ™ HIGHBAY fits into every traditional highbay application with improved performance, better safety and enhanced reliability.