The LEDCOMFO® ACE 6” and 8” Down Light provide contractors or end-users a reassuring brand with optimized product specifications under affordable initial investment. It is ideal replacements for 6” - 2x13W / 2x18W and 8” – 2x26W CFL down light with up to 60% of energy savings and 3 times longer life time.

The OSRAM LEDCOMFO Downlight series of residential luminaires is an eco-friendly LED alternative for warm and comfortable lighting in the home.

LEDCOMFO Downlight SLIM is an ultra slim, lightweight downlight product in aesthetically stylish design, offering a flexible and stylish alternative to general downlight applications. It features in a side-lit light-guide panel technology to fill the offices, homes and hotels with more soft,even and comfortable lighting. With powerful LEDs and OSRAM quality, it ensures uncompromised performance and reliability out of its slim size.

The OSRAM LEDCOMFO Spot makes it easy to integrate energy saving, long lasting LED lighting technology into any residence. Perfect for new construction or as a replacement for existing inefficient halogen spotlights, it is easy to install with only two mounting clips. This stylish recessed spotlight is specially designed with triple glare reduction while creating an even illumination. Available in three colour temperatures, LEDCOMFO Spot is the ideal lighting choice for any home.