LEDCOMFO® BATTEN is a high energy-saving LED batten series with light initial investment that allows a quick payback of less than 1 year in the replacement of traditional T5 battens. Meanwhile the HB(High Brightness) version is also available for environments that require brighter & better effects. This product family adopts double injection technology to combine the optical cover and the body part into one slick and glossy linear luminaire giving high uniformity light output and comfortable lighting experience.

LEDTOUCH™ BATTEN PERFORM is a linear LED luminaire with elegant aluminum housing and sleek diffuser which can be connected seamlessly to provide continuously light. With integrated optics and easy installation features, it is an ideal energy-saving light source in general indoor area illumination, shelf and cove lighting applications for replacement of traditional HO T5 batten.

SIMPLITZ™ BATTEN is the LED batten solution replacing conventional battens with 50% energy saving, improved lighting effect, easier installation and enhanced safety. The small initial investment by the most affordable price, the energy-saving by the latest LED technology and the reduced running cost by the maintenance-free reliability further minimize the TCO and payback time. In addition, the leading integral design and the easy installation method highlight the effciency and safety spirits. It is the ideal option for general lighting in industrial applications like workshops and hypermarkets.